Those Complaining About Oscar Racism Need To Look at This List ASAP!

The 2016 Oscar nominations have been announced. However, many people are extremely unhappy that no African Americans were nominated this year, and most people believe its due to racism. But, some people believe that statement is completely untrue.

Films such as the Revenant, the Hateful Eight, and Star Wars were box office successes. But, only Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated for his role in the Revenant. Many moviegoers feel that Samuel L. Jackson and other African American actors should have been voted ahead of Leonardo DiCaprio. However, in this case, the cry for racism is completely unfair.






Believe it or not, dozens of actors who are not white have won an Academy Award. Morgan Freeman, Halle Berry, and Denzel Washington are African Americans who have taken home an Oscar. Maybe the cry for racism this year isn’t that plausible. If anything, Leonardo DiCaprio should be the only actor complaining. He hasn’t won an Oscar throughout his entire career, but Jamie Foxx, who was his co-star in Django, has. At the end of the day, the actors and actresses that deserve the Oscar end up getting it. Let’s just end all of this debate about racism and praise the actors who deserve the rewards.



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