She Was Driving and Made One Simple Mistake, Now She Wants You To Know THIS Warning…

A crash victim made a simple mistake while driving, and now, the woman wants others to know of her mistake so that they don’t make it while on the road. Bethany Benson was in school to be a teacher when her accident took place. Her boyfriend was driving, and she was in the passenger seat. Bethany did something that several people do when they are in the car for a long time.



The couple were driving to see Bethany’s mother. Her mother was a few hours away, so Bethany wanted to be as comfortable as possible while in the car. She pushed her seat back and propped her feet on the dashboard so that she could get some sleep. A car in front of them collided with a motorcycle, setting off a chain reaction on the road with other cars.




The driver of a tractor-trailer in front of the car Bethany was in slammed on his brakes. Bethany’s boyfriend slammed on his brakes as well. However, there was nothing that could be done to avoid hitting the truck. The front of the car was demolished. The both survived, but Bethany suffered extensive injuries. Her nose was broken and bones near her eyes were broken. The impact was so severe that it broke her feet, shortening the length of the bones. Her brain began bleeding as well, which has resulted in mental issues with the young woman. All of this resulted from her putting her feet on the dash, something that many others do on a daily basis.

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