They Put Her To Sleep and Went Downstairs, But When They Look at The Baby Monitor…WOW!

Kathryn and Caleb Whitt are a couple who resides in Seneca, South Carolina. They were rushing to get their daughter to bed and forgot to say their prayers. They were watching the football game one night and did not want to miss a minute of it. Kathryn stated that she began hearing noises on the baby monitor. She discovered that her two year-old daughter was saying her prayers.

The little girl typically rushes through her prayers. However, she took her time this time. She prayed for specific people, including Santa Claus and grandma. Kathryn was able to capture her daughter on video. She stated that she was impressed with her daughter. She shared the video on Facebook. Kathryn debated whether she should post the video on Facebook, but she has been overwhelmed with the positive responses.

Shortly after she posted the video, people began sending her messages about how the video touched them. The toddler, whose name is Sutton, went to work with her mother this week. People at Kathryn’s job asked Sutton for her autograph. Kathryn stated that her daughter knows she is a part of something big, but she does not understand it yet. She stated that her daughter is now eager to pray before going to bed now.

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