Michael Moore Gets Under Megyn Kellys Skin…’Stop, Please Stop’

Megyn Kelly is a woman who doesn’t hold anything back while asking questions on Fox. Michael Moore was recently on her show, and he said a few things that got under her skin. He started talking about the feud that has developed between Kelly and Donald Trump. Once Moore got started, he wouldn’t stop. He would make comments through the course of the interview about her relationship with the man and how she feels about him running for President.

Kelly calmly sits there during the first portion of the interview, letting Moore ask her questions and talk about her role as a journalist. Moore wants to know how she feels about being the story instead or reporting the news. She proceeds to tell Moore that she is supposed to be the one to ask questions.

The friendly bantering continues for a few minutes. Moore begins to make comments about Kelly telling Donald Trump to sit beside her and that she would hold his hand through interviews. This is when Kelly begins to get irritated. She wants to talk about the new movie Moore is there to discuss. They begin to discuss who Moore wold endorse until he turns the conversation back to her relationship with Trump and the fact that she has made Trump afraid of her.

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