Larry The Cable Get’s Serious To Go Off On How Media Portrays The Working Class

Appearing on “The Gavin MacInnes Show,” comedian Daniel Lawrence Whitney, who performs as Larry the Cable Guy, dropped his alter ego to speak about the way that he feels the mainstream media portrays working class Americans. According to Whitney, the media expects racism and is disappointed when they do not find it.

As an example, MacInnes cited a woman in a burkha who attended a NASCAR rally and was offered a seat along with a reality show clip in which an ex-soldier stopped a person from being racially harassed by a customer at work. Whitney cited the example of how quickly people were to assume that a mass shooter would be white and the surprise when this turned out not to be true. MacInnes and Whitney agreed that the media has a mental picture of the average white working-class American that does not match reality.

The two did agree that their own values and those of other working-class Americans differed from the mainstream media, and according to the two men, this is at the root of the hatred toward them. Whitney stated that it was frustrating for the media when reality failed to live up to the expected stereotypes. “They want it to be true,” he said, “and it’s not true.”

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