15 Year Old Murdered By Syrian Refugee For Trying To Do THIS! ‘My Heart Is Broken’

The Middle East is one of the most violent locations on the planet. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no peace in sight for this war-torn region, and millions of Americans are sick of all the fighting. To make matters worse, the Middle East is made up of mostly radical Islamists, and they give peaceful Muslims a bad name. Today, many Americans have strong prejudices against Muslims, and it has caused a split in our nation. Nonetheless, this next story shows just how ruthless radical Islamic terrorists can be.

A Lithuanian child named Arminas Pileckas was murdered on the first day in his school. Apparently, the crime was premeditated, and the culprit was a Syrian refugee. Arminas’ father was disgusted and horrified when he heard about his child’s murder. The boy’s father also feels that the Swedish school is covering up his son’s murder.

Several reports have indicated that Arminas had actually bullied the Syrian student last semester. It seems that the child’s murder was an act of revenge. However, Arminas’ father has a completely different take on the story. He believes that the Syrian student had assaulted a girl, and Arminas was actually trying to help her. The Syrian student then stabbed Arminas during the altercation of right now, no one knows who to believe. But, the truth will eventually be revealed in time.

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